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How to Ace Your Excel Test and Get the Job You Deserve

How to Ace Your Excel Test and Get the Job You Deserve

Want to land that job you’re hoping for, but worried about the Excel test? Here are some tips on how to pass it with flying colors, and get that job you’ve been hoping for! Here are some tips on how to prepare yourself and ace your Excel test!

Interviewers want candidates who can do more than one thing in Excel

Don’t worry if you’re a bit rusty on your skills with this particular software! Most of us are, at some point. The key is knowing how to get back up to speed as fast as possible, so let’s review some basics:

-Opening an existing workbook: From the home screen, click Open then choose Excel Workbooks. Select your desired file. You’ll be taken to a file with just one sheet called Sheet1.

-Creating a workbook: To create a new document, click on Excel Workbooks and press CTRL+N.

An excel test lets you show them what you can do

This is one of those rare interviews where you’re lucky enough to be able to show your skills. Sometimes, if the company doesn’t have any project for you yet, they may ask for an advanced excel test. So make sure that you have a copy of Microsoft Office on your computer (or through a browser) and that you’re able to access their systems remotely. It’s important that you ask whether it will be tested at home or in person – I personally prefer at-home interviews because it’s easier to think while working if there aren’t distractions around. If they want you in person, just check your calendar before confirming anything so that nothing else slips through the cracks on your end.

Here’s how to ace your excel test

This is not a typical interview question, but it’s important. Knowing how to use Excel will ensure that you’re able to perform your duties well and create a strong impression during the interview. The following test should take most people 20 minutes to complete. Make sure you have a calculator or spreadsheet handy while working on it so that you can make quick calculations if necessary.

Advanced functions are easy if you understand them

There are countless functions in Excel. These small codes, built into each application, help you work much faster. Without a deep knowledge of these functions, some tasks can take hours longer to complete. One of the most important skills for any professional is being able to create charts and graphs with different pieces of data. If you master advanced functions for charts, you will make a much better impression on your interviewer!

Grouping gets you the answers faster

The best way to ace an excel test is by grouping answers. This will ensure that if you get any answer wrong, you’ll know which question it was on so you can make sure not to mess up on it again. That said, there are four types of sorting that can be used when looking for answers: high-low, alphabetical order, low-high and none of these (also known as descending).

Watch out for copying mistakes (and avoid them!)

Mistakes happen, we’re only human! But if you notice a copy/paste error or any other mistake while proofreading your resume, then don’t panic. Recognizing mistakes is a sign of diligence, not stupidity. If there’s something that might stand out as an error in your resume, fix it. And check again for errors before submitting your application. Remember: good preparation means less time cleaning up after yourself (and way more time enjoying life).

Try these techniques on our free practice tests below!

When you are interviewing for a position in an office, it can be difficult to find enough time to make connections with your prospective colleagues. It can also feel like you need an interpreter for the computer screens all around you. Don’t worry! Practice tests are here to help!