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Zillow Premier Agent Review – Is It Worth It?

Zillow Premier Agent Review – Is It Worth It

If you have an established real estate career, are committed to growing your business, and love being in front of the camera, Zillow Premier Agent may be right for you. But if you aren’t on social media or simply don’t enjoy public speaking, this program will likely be more trouble than it’s worth. To help you decide whether or not Zillow Premier Agent is right for you, we’ve outlined all of the ins and outs of this program in the following review so you can make the best choice for your real estate career.

What is Zillow Premier Agent

Zillow’s newest offering, Zillow Premier Agent, is available to an elite group of agents in exchange for a $3,000 annual fee. The service gives agents a plethora of tools and analytics to help them manage their real estate business. Agents are also able to enjoy perks such as marketing consulting and increased exposure with the REiP Mortgage platform. One issue some agents have raised is the loss of ownership over their data.

Data is aggregated and provided in reports without any data analysis performed on it by agents themselves or their teams. Others argue that Zillow’s algorithms provide insights into trends that would be difficult or impossible for individuals to find on their own. What do you think about Zillow’s most recent move into the brokerage game? Are these services worth the investment? Share your thoughts in the comments below! Agents who’ve tried out Zillow Premier Agent say it has many useful features including one-click lead transfers, advanced analytical charts for understanding buyer behavior and more. Many said they were disappointed when their trial expired because they felt like they were starting to get the hang of how to use all of the features at once and couldn’t explore more advanced features that might be helpful later down the line. If you’re considering signing up with Zillow, take a look at our review to see if this could be an opportunity worth exploring!

The Perfect Premiere Agent Client

You can become a Zillow Premiere Agent, a top-tier agent with the highest ratings and reviews on the site, by working hard to acquire a minimum of 10 reviews. This puts you in a prime position for the best buyer and seller leads. In addition to adding credibility as an agent, it costs money to reach this status (about $350 for first-time agents). But with access to advanced search tools that help agents find their ideal clientele and more importantly, avoid clients who will never give them positive reviews again; this fee may be worth it. If you are interested in becoming a Zillow Premiere Agent and want to know how much it costs, click here. Here is a list of pros and cons to being a Premiere Agent:

-Pros: Agents with these elite ratings get preference when buyers search through properties or services. Plus, they have access to some special features like Do Not Contact which keeps pesky buyers from following up after they request information about your listings.

-Cons: There are some major drawbacks when going through the process of obtaining a Zillow Premier Agent rating. For starters, it was expensive! Becoming one requires at least a $350 upfront payment (plus annual renewal) which makes the whole endeavor seem like just another way for Realtors to make even more money off commission fees without any work at all!

What Does it Cost

The cost of Zillow Premier Agent can vary based on a number of factors, including the number of listings and premium services selected. For most agents, the annual fee ranges from $500 to $10,000. In addition, there is a monthly price for property websites and agent tools which ranges from $100 to over $4,000 per month. Zillow also charges a per-listing fee as well as add-on costs for various programs and services. If your main concern is up-to-date MLS data, you may want to consider adding the MLS Plus Data Feed Add-On which runs at around $120 annually. There are no other fees if you just need access to the site’s features.

How do you get leads?

As an agent, Zillow offers a variety of ways for you to maximize your lead generation, but most of them come with the $400/mo. membership fee. You can still generate leads and stay updated on the latest trends by choosing to use Zillow without being a paying member, but this will cost you time and money in the long-run. Once your account is set up, it’s easy to customize notifications so that you never miss out on potential prospects. From home tours happening nearby to houses recently listed within your area, you’ll always be ahead of the game when it comes to new listings.

The coolest part about becoming a Zillow Premier Agent is how easy it is to filter through search results based on what YOU want to see. Have you had someone contact you about looking at homes in their price range? No problem! Just type in price:$200k-$300k and they’ll automatically show up!

It also seems as if there are more real estate professionals using Zillow as well, which means higher chances of finding properties before they’re even listed!

Should Realtors Use Zillow Premier Agent

As much as we would love to ignore it, Zillow has rapidly evolved into a true force to be reckoned with. I myself have been victimized in this new space where you can’t pay for exposure. However, is there anything wrong with the service they offer that Realtors need to know about before they make the decision whether or not to enroll? Let’s break it down:

-What exactly is Zillow Premier Agent? The premier agent program is an advertising vehicle for those agents that can afford it and show a high level of production. Basically, if you advertise on Zillow, your ads will rotate at the top of their results pages for Premier searches or queries.