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8 Ways to Use Slash Commands in Microsoft Teams to Boost Your Productivity

8 Ways to Use Slash Commands in Microsoft Teams to Boost Your Productivity

Slash commands are a powerful way to get the most out of your Microsoft Teams experience. If you use Slack, you might already be familiar with them. This article will give you a rundown on how to use slash commands in Microsoft Teams and why they are so useful in boosting your productivity!

1) Open a channel

Chats and chats. Never enough! With the release of Microsoft Teams slashes commands, you can create a new chat from anywhere. All you need to do is go into any channel and type /new, then assign it a name. Chat! The first thing I love about this feature is that it lets me chat with people on different channels without having to switch back and forth between them. I also like how it saves time by letting me answer someone’s question without having to copy-paste text or send screenshots back and forth– all I have to do is reply back with just one word: Yep!

This slash command also helps me respond quickly when I’m busy with something else, as long as they don’t mind my brief replies– which are perfect for quick questions or status updates. And if they want more details, I can always open up another conversation window.

2) Add a channel member

It’s never been easier to add team members from anywhere! You can now connect with colleagues and stakeholders without worrying about contact information. We’ll go over how you can connect with your peers, customers, suppliers, and more by using slash commands on Microsoft Teams. Just click the Add Member button at the bottom of any chat window, type in their name (or part of their name) followed by a ‘@’ sign and then select the group they belong to. It couldn’t be simpler! Want to know what else is new? The Mention feature allows you to @mention someone within the chat box. Then this person will be notified that they were mentioned. And don’t worry, if there are two people with the same name it will prompt you before sending your message so that way you don’t have any embarrassing mistakes! There are also some fun little emoji stickers that let us express our emotions when words just aren’t enough! Give them a try and let us know what you think by tweeting

3) Create a channel

Slash commands are built-in commands that can help your team get tasks done faster and better, from browsing a document to closing out an active meeting.

One simple way you can use slash commands is by running them directly inside a chat window: just type # and then the command.

Below are some of our favorite slash commands for use in teams:

LaunchMeeting – Begin an online meeting or join one that’s already started (this one will also prompt you to enter the Meeting ID if it’s not yet set up)

EndMeeting – Closes the current chat session, but without ending the underlying team space.

4) Leave the channel

You may be wondering What are slash commands? or how they work. Slash commands enable you to type a command that will automatically perform a certain action in your chat. For example, you can join a conference call by typing /join the conference call. Or use video messages with the message being shown on your screen by typing /video on . If you want more productivity advice, check out these blog posts

5) Search for a team (Use within Team Channels)

One of the best ways to get started with slash commands is by finding the appropriate channels you want to focus on. For example, if you’re looking for a YouTube channel, type /YouTube. If you’re trying to find an Amazon channel, type /Amazon and so on. With a slash command like this, simply type it out at the top of your chat box and then start talking normally as if you weren’t using any special shortcuts.

For some categories such as eBay or Netflix, their individual companies may not allow users within Teams to use their chat function for accessing these categories. That being said, we recommend looking through our list below for more helpfully highlighted teams that might better suit your needs!

6) Invite someone to the team (Use within Team Channels)

Slash commands can be a powerful tool when it comes to saving time and managing your team. If you’re not familiar with them, here are some of the most common slash commands. Try using any of these eight ways to work more efficiently in Microsoft teams!

Selecting \startnewconversation: Â Start a new conversation about something related to the current discussion. Â This is useful if there are several people talking about different subjects and you need help keeping up with who said what. Â When starting a new conversation, add a subject so that others can easily find it by searching for the topic of your convo.

Selecting \bcc to select someone from the channel: To keep private information private, use this command to let selected users see messages sent in an exclusive channel.

 Add @selectperson@ followed by your message to only send that person a copy of what you send out in the channel (or group).

 By selecting @allusers@ or another user from the group chat will post as normal on the feed.

Selecting \markdown *bold* : For those times when plain text just doesn’t cut it, use markdown formatting shortcuts while chatting.

7) Add a member to the current conversation

This was a simple one that took me by surprise. To do this, just type `/add` followed by the member’s email address or ID. It takes them out of the group if they’re already in it and puts them into it. If the person you’re adding is outside of your organization, you’ll have to authorize their access separately. When I added my coworker Mike to my current chat with Lee, he got an approval request from Lee. Mike accepted the request without any issues and his status changed from not in chat to active participant!

Team-only chat: When starting a new chat, add two slashes before typing your message so only those on the team can see what you typed. You can also use this technique when replying privately to someone else on the team; just put two slashes before each sentence as well as before any names mentioned.

8) Share screen with the participant (Use within Team Conversations )

Slash commands can be used within the Microsoft teams app. To launch a slash command, type the word that follows it and then hit enter. For example, if you type @ followed by a space and then help you would see information on how to use slash commands.

Slash commands are keyboard shortcuts that use different characters or words from your keyboard combined with what follows them after a forward slash (/).

Below are 8 ways that you can use slash commands in order to maximize your productivity: -Initiate an immediate chat with one person using @person’s name. This is really helpful for making an immediate point about something you noticed someone else doing within one of their channels.