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8 Types of Shoppers and How to Know Which One You Are

8 Types of Shoppers and How to Know Which One You Are

Shopper profiles are one of the best tools for analyzing and understanding your clients, customers, and patrons. Understanding the different types of shoppers will help you market to them in a way that will get you more sales and a better return on your marketing efforts. Here are eight types of shoppers and what makes them tick.

The Materialistic

When you know what type of shopper you are, the buying process is much smoother. The Materialistic type will always look at a product before they buy it so that they know what quality to expect. They want products with labels, designer brands, or expensive materials. Anything that catches their eye and has any semblance of style, whether it’s pricey or not, will be purchased in an instant. They like anything trendy – even if it’ll go out of style after 6 months. The pursuit for the newest thing is always on their mind which makes them impatient when checking out because they want all attention from the cashier solely focused on them. Once home, shoppers love the packaging: making sure the boxes are nice and organized with tissue paper like in an upscale store.

The Free Spirit

Free Spirits have one goal when shopping: to live in the moment. These spontaneous shoppers want their clothes, jewelry, accessories, and home decorating decisions to match how they are feeling on any given day. If you’re an emotional person, you may be a Free Spirit! It’s no wonder that shopping is your favorite hobby, after all. Your favorite places to shop are Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie because both brands understand your desire for freedom from fads or trends in order to just enjoy living life. At these stores, it’s easy for you to find items that will last forever and help make you feel free from restrictions that can sometimes come with wearing what everyone else is wearing at the time.

The Pampered

With new Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals popping up every day, it’s sometimes hard to tell which ones are really the best. Of course, we want to maximize our savings by getting the best value for our money, but if you’re feeling overwhelmed or out of sorts on where you should spend your time, don’t worry – I have eight shopper profiles that will help clear things up. The most important thing is to know what kind of person you are so that you can make better decisions about how much time and effort you want to put into shopping.

That way when Thanksgiving comes around again next year, you won’t be left scratching your head with last-minute plans or trying not to pay too much for something online!

The Thrifty

We’ve all been there – a week after your paycheck gets deposited, your wallet is empty. Maybe it’s because you don’t have any sort of budgeting skills, or maybe you just live too close to the edge. No matter what your reason, everyone has some degree of frugality when they’re shopping. So how do you know which type you are? Check out these descriptions:
1) The Super Thrifty Shopper– Yes, this person is so thrifty that they can’t help but be perpetually broke! If you feel like you always find ways to save money in spite of being ridiculously broke, then this is probably who you are.

2) The Impulse Shopper– It seems like almost every day there’s something new on sale! If this sounds like you, then chances are that impulse buying is your go-to technique for getting things done.

3) The Budget Shopper- These people have an actual shopping budget! They stick with it religiously and never overspend their allotted amount no matter how tempting the offer may be.

The Animal Lover

Animal lovers are a person who wants the latest products to pamper their furry friend. They have a strong bond with their pet, spend time every day with them, and are not afraid of getting down on all fours and playing fetch. Their long-term goal is to make sure their companion lives a long, happy, healthy life. This shopper is usually very educated in the best type of food for pets as well as preventive care like vaccinations or annual checkups.

The Politically Correct

#1: The True Spender – Ah, the True Spender. They can’t help themselves; they are drawn by sales, coupons, and discounts like a moth to a flame. These shoppers have blown the budget written all over them, but when they have their new purchases in hand, it’s all worth it.

#2: The Socialite – This shopper spends heavily on social media in order to impress her followers. She always wants the newest products and often uses VIP customer service lines for special discounts. But if she needs immediate gratification?

The Well-Rounded

If you’re looking for a healthy dose of self-awareness, there’s no better starting point than considering your personal shopper profile. There are 8 types of shoppers–are you: the frugal one who doesn’t overspend; the rational one who knows when to buy in bulk; or the emotional one who is impulsive with purchases?

It may seem overwhelming at first, but if you know what type of shopper you are then it will be easier to find what works best for you.

The Environmentalist

Some might be surprised that an environmentalist would care about the environment in their closet. However, many of these shoppers have green principles, and they are looking for clothes made with sustainable materials. This type also wants to avoid excess packaging. This shopper can sometimes fall prey to pressure from other people who need more than just one t-shirt or jumper. As a result, the Environmentalist often feels conflicted about what clothes he should buy for himself. The Environmentalist’s clothing budget tends to be lower because most all the clothing he owns is secondhand or vintage. The Environmentalist’s mindset is similar to this sort: I don’t want my life on earth to be squandered by overconsumption.