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6 Easy Steps to Hiring the Perfect Employee from the Philippines

6 Easy Steps to Hiring the Perfect Employee from the Philippines

Hiring an employee from the Philippines, as with hiring any employee, can seem like a difficult task if you’ve never done it before. But just as there are many factors to consider when hiring locally, such as personal interviews and background checks, there are many factors to consider when hiring from overseas. This guide will help you hire employees from the Philippines in six easy steps, from beginning your search all the way through making the final offer and making sure that the employee takes the job. Here’s how to hire from the Philippines in six easy steps

1) Know the law

There are a few laws you should be aware of when hiring overseas. Before you begin, make sure you’re well-versed in your country’s import and export laws, minimum wage rules, workers’ compensation coverage requirements, and payroll taxes. Doing so will help protect your employees and ensure that everything is legal on both sides of the process. For this reason, most people don’t hire overseas until they have hired someone domestically first so they can find out what steps need to be taken before doing so. Most importantly, make sure you hire a competent lawyer who specializes in employment law. The last thing you want is for your business to come under attack because of an illegal hire or an issue with tax implications.

2) Choose your recruitment method

The best way to hire is by using a recruitment agency in the Philippines. Not only will they be able to find qualified candidates, but they can get you all of the necessary information on what your new hire would need when it comes time for him or her to move overseas. You’ll be able to ask about visas, healthcare coverage, and other important details that need to be addressed before even starting your search. Another perk of using a recruitment agency is that you can save money by outsourcing this process and hiring someone else do the work for you. A third plus is that these agencies know exactly how much turnover you’re looking for so there’s no chance of hiring someone who doesn’t fit into your company culture.

3) Conduct proper interviews

Properly interviewing your potential employees is one of the most important parts of hiring them. Don’t be tempted to skip this step and move straight into an offer letter. This can be a long process, but it will ensure that you have found the perfect employee for your needs. Here are some tips for conducting proper interviews:

Schedule an interview time with the applicant (sometimes applicants will come in at their convenience or on short notice). Be professional about it- if they can’t make it at a certain time slot because of work or travel, try again later in the week or move on and hire someone else.

4) Treat them well

One of the best advantages for business owners hiring Filipino workers is that they are culturally amenable and accustomed to hard work. Furthermore, Filipinos typically go out of their way to please their employers. As long as you make sure they feel respected and appreciated by recognizing their hard work, it will be easier for them to invest themselves in your business. However, even if they’re well-treated, employees do have personal lives outside of work and should not be forced into overtime or on-call hours. In other words, make sure you balance a sense of shared responsibility with a healthy separation between work and play.

5) Manage your employees efficiently

Hire From the Philippines in 6 Easy Steps:
Step 1- Find qualified applicants.
Step 2 – Sort applications by job title.
Step 3 – Review resumes for accuracy and quality.
Step 4 – Call applicants for interviews (by phone or Skype).
Step 5 – Conduct the first round of interviews.
Step 6- Select final candidates for the second round of interviews and hire the best one!

6) Leave them on a good note

No matter what kind of work you need to be done, be it data entry, customer service, or any other task; hiring someone in the Philippines for it is a great way to save time and money. Their English skills are up-to-date and many have experience in similar positions. You’ll have someone qualified at your fingertips in a matter of minutes with 6 easy steps to hiring an employee from the Philippines. Start by registering with agencies that offer services like these. Most will do this for free and only require a simple registration form which you can fill out on their website in less than 10 minutes. For businesses needing technical support, there are also a number of independent contractors available who specialize in IT issues such as computer repair, networking, and more.

Contact one agency that interests you after registering with them to get more information about potential employees who fit your needs best. Each has its own specific requirements when it comes to language fluency, education level and more so don’t make contact until you know what exactly you’re looking for.