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Learn the art of inking not on paper but on skin!

An artist by heart who keep involving in tattoo ink and creativity, Manjul Sharma, Founder of Custom Tattoo Studio has a passion of drawing creative tattoo on natural skin. “In developing year, tattoo industry is going to be a million dollars industry” said Sharma. One of the booming offbeat careers is tattooing which is attracting many youngsters.

Tattoo artist sketches a particular design on the natural skin of a person with tattoo needle and adds creative color combination. “This lucrative career demands lots of time and hard work” says Juhi, Studio manager at Custom Tattoo Studio. An eye for detail and dedication is require to be on top in this field.

This career option is ‘Breaking the normal’ and living the dreams of passion. One really needs courage to break the wave of normal career norm and opt for something different; tattooing.

Skills required to-be a Tattoo artist:

  1. Creative bent of mind
  2. Steady hand
  3. Making Stencils
  4. Knowledge of arts and sketching
  5. Understanding of anatomy
  6. Attention to details
  7. Patience and strong determination
  8. Ability to turn client’s imagination into reality

How to learn tattooing?

Tattooing is an art, requires lots of creativity and patience. A person needs to be focused on their career path, the best way to learn tattooing is either by joining an institute or by working as an apprentice in a known tattoo studio. Follow three simple steps Observe, Learn and Draw. Begin by observing the seniors, learn what are the requirements, pattern, and then draw.

Apprenticeship will help to learn techniques of shading- coloring, drawing, sketching, pattern of inking and use of needles. A tattoo artist also acquires some knowledge of medical background related to body parts and skin infections.

Pros of pursuing tattoo artist:

  1. Adds artistic values in personality
  2. Make decent money with a balanced work life
  3. Tattoo artist can work indoors
  4. Enhance appearance of other people
  5. An independent career path
  6. A certified degree is not necessary (We recommend to acquire degree/certification)

Growth Path and Future outlook:

Many youngsters are joining this lucrative career because it is growing at a very good pace in  India and other countries. A fresher can earn up to 25,000 INR and after adding some years of experience then the range may increase by 50,000-70,000 INR. Also, after learning and gaining experience, one can start their own studio and can earn as an entrepreneur.