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5 Tips to Get Your Georgia Real Estate License  

Georgia Real Estate License  

If you’re interested in making money by flipping real estate, then you have to get your Georgia real estate license. While the process itself can be time-consuming and slightly expensive, the payoff will make all your efforts worthwhile. Here are five tips to help you get your Georgia real estate license quickly and easily so that you can get on with earning some serious cash buying and selling homes.

How Many Hours Do I Need?

In order to get your Georgia real estate license, you need the following: two years of full-time experience in any aspect of the housing industry, including appraising and real estate sales; one year’s full-time experience as a licensed real estate salesperson or broker; or four years’ cumulative credit hours from a regionally accredited college or university in courses related to marketing, finance and economics. You will also need good credit and be at least 18 years old.

When Can I Apply For My Exam?

-Now is a perfect time! The GRI has just been updated and there are a ton of changes, with one of them being an examination window that is open right now until November 15th.

-You can apply for your exam using the PSI site. On PSI, you will find a link called Apply for a license in your state which will direct you to the GA Department of Professional Regulations licensing site. You will be able to apply online here ̶ by clicking on the Apply for Georgia license.

The Books I Used to Study

There are tons of books out there that talk about how to get your license, but the five I found most useful were these: How to Start Your Own Real Estate Business, Start and Grow a Successful Real Estate Practice, The Insider’s Guide for New Agents and Brokers in California, Get a New Job! 10 Simple Steps For Finding the Work You Love, and 10 Things You Absolutely Need To Know Before Starting Your Career As A Commercial Realtor. I also learned from classes at schools such as the University of Florida, Florida State College at Jacksonville, and the University of North Florida.

Practice Makes Perfect

  1. Read the REALTOR® Code of Ethics and Code of Professional Standards – these are your guidelines, keep them close.
  2. Attend a pre-license course: there are tons in Atlanta and these classes will teach you everything you need to know about buying and selling property, contracts, brokerage terms, etc. so that when you actually take the exam (and it’s not easy) you’ll know what questions they’re asking in advance. Plus having help getting through the process will make it feel less daunting!

What’s on the Test?

You are responsible for knowing the answer to all questions on the state real estate license test. The total number of questions varies by jurisdiction, but they often include a mix of property identification, contract law, ethics, agency/brokerage relationships, finance, and mortgage laws and regulations. Depending on which type of license you’re obtaining—general or business—you might be expected to know about an additional subject matter such as Federal Tax Laws or Commercial Leasing.